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Where is this place?

Bowland landscape plein air drawing in pencil, A5

plein air pencil sketch, A5, drawn somewhere in the Bowland landscape, perhaps around Whitewell?

A place I went for a walk in about 15 or so years ago has turned into a mystical landscape somewhere in the back of my brain. I can see it now in my mind’s eye; it’s very green, cloudy and peaceful with nothing but hills and trees and it’s very damp, because it has been raining for a long time. In spite of being wet it is a beautiful place with rounded hills sweeping up and away and revealing further rises behind, which could be reached if you were to walk on, through a valley opening and beyond. It’s a very secret, mysterious place shrouded in mist. I know I made sketches of the landscape when I was there and I think I know which ones they are in my tiny sketchbook, but I can’t be completely sure.

The drawing above is the one I’m most sure of. There is also another one, obviously sketched in no time at all (maybe we were getting cold) that seems to be of the same place.

pencil drawing created in the Bowland hills

quick plein air pencil sketch in unknown Bowland landscape, A5

A subsequent watercolour sketch went a bit strange.

watercolour on Arches paper of landscape in wild colours

wild colours watercolour, 8 inches square on Arches paper

So I tried again, trying to keep the colours and shapes a bit more true, but it lacks the spirit of the place.

small watercolour painting of a Bowland landscape

somewhere in Bowland … a small watercolour painting

Finally I made the first sketch into a huge charcoal drawing as preparation for a possible painting.

A1 charcoal drawing of a Bowland landscape

charcoal drawing created from small pencil sketch of Bowland, A1 paper

When I walked in the real place I was on a camping trip with Andi, who was ill. My planned route turned out to be 14 miles in all: seven there and seven back. We did stop at an inn in the middle of nowhere at the halfway point but Andi was extremely stoical to tramp all that way through wet fields. I seem to remember him collapsing with a grateful sigh when we got back to the tent and not really moving until the next day. It might be interesting to go back one day but maybe not – you can never really go back. It might be better to reimagine.

Storms and rainbows: a story in pictures

image of landscape-like formation in the clouds

a landscape in the clouds

Today we saw some amazing sights on our walk – what looked like another landscape in the clouds became visible when bad weather stirred up the air.

We walked in the sun but each time we looked back we could see that a storm was approaching.

photo of bad weather approaching across the hills

don’t look back!

Ahead were blue sky and clouds with strong shapes making their own compositions with the angles of the hill.

photo of cloud shapes and hill angles

cloud shapes and hill angles

In the western sky the clouds seemed to be scurrying upwards as if they were in danger of being dragged down into the sea.

photo of cloud pattern

scurrying clouds

We met some velvety fell ponies who followed us in a friendly fashion for a while.

photo of fell ponies

wild, hairy fell ponies

But every time we looked east there were dark clouds looming.

photo of gathering clouds

clouds are gathering, stalking us from the east

And the ponies were on the move. Maybe they wanted company or perhaps they didn’t like the look of the weather behind us either.

photo of ponies approaching from afar

the ponies are coming

Round the corner looking north a rainbow was gathering its colours over the hills

image of rainbow over hills

a rainbow starts to form in the centre of the view

To be continued …