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You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from

painting of lemon and other fruit in oils on canvas

arrangement of fruit in space (starring a lemon), oil on canvas, 6×8

The last week seemed to be full of bad luck, so much so that we were joking by the end of it about what the next ‘disaster’ would be. None of the adverse events were really so terrible, thankfully – just small things like appliances dying, objects breaking and me being annoyingly a bit too ill to get on with anything useful.

A laptop screen and a fridge both decided it was time to depart for electrical heaven and a bicycle chain snapped, causing Andi a lot of inconvenience that included whizzing downhill for several miles without being able to pedal and hitch-hiking to avoid being late.

It was maddening being too ill to paint but I have managed to salvage something from the week with the aid of a bowl of health-restoring fruit, a pale self-portrait and a view painted one sunny afternoon.

oil self-portrait on 9x12 canvas, pale and unwell

self-portrait when feeling pale, in yellow light, oil on canvas, 9×12

oil painting of fruit, 6x8 canvas

another fruit composition, without lemon, oil on canvas, 6×8

oil painting of rooftops view, on 6x8 canvas

view over the rooftops, oil on canvas, 6×8