Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fellpainter, dogsketcher, portraitdauber, wordmangler??

sketch of a dog, biro on paper

biro sketch of Tilly

This blog, and my work, used to live on a website called ‘fellpainter’, but I recently made a decision to transfer everything to a new domain, using my own name, to make things simpler

This also has the advantage of freeing me from a name that’s associated with a specific subject matter. I think painters just paint – not all that many confine themselves rigidly to only painting certain types of things. It’s more that a growing fascination with a subject beckons them down particular paths, but there’s always the possibility that another path might look just as enticing at a different time.

Using the same logic that led to the moniker fellpainter, a move to the city could mean that I would have to become ‘buildingpainter’, or the seaside, ‘wavepainter’, it could become quite costly and fiddly having to swap domains with every life change.