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Knowing when to stop

The big painting is just about finished – I think … I’m not very good at knowing when to stop. Sometimes you continue and make huge improvements; other times, you carry on and ruin what was a reasonable picture. Andi is threatening to kidnap the painting if I don’t stop soon, which adds to the drama.

Here is a photo; the paint is still wet so there are some odd sparkly bits (reflected flash) in the clouds on the left. I tend to go with gut feelings about whether a work is finished, but sometimes you look at the picture again the next day and something ‘not quite right’ leaps out at you, nagging you, until you give in, squeeze out more paint and get stuck in again.

Final version of large painting

The end?

On the Rocks (in a good way)

We’ve recently returned from a trip to Skye, and we were lucky enough to have the kind of weather that made it possible to paint outside (although woolly hats were still required). Ramasaig is one of my favourite places, even though new fences have made it almost impossible to get to. Once I had found a relatively sheltered spot on the rocks I settled in to do a quick sketch. Sadly, it didn’t turn out too well (I think I was too excited by the setting!) but the experience was fantastic. I have a plan to return to do a large painting one day. This picture shows the dramatic cliffs. (Thanks to Andi for the pics, and I have no idea what I was doing with that Morrisons bag, really …)

me painting at Ramasaig, en plein air

painting at Ramasaig

Tilly likes rocks. She spends ages smelling them and finding the kind of rotting things that dogs like. She also found me (hopefully smelling slightly less of decay).

Tilly and I on the rocks at Ramasaig

Tilly sniffs out my hiding place

This photo came out slightly too dark, but it’s a typical Tilly expression and one which seems to say: “Why do you do these weird things, human?? Never mind, I’ll just humour you as I usually do”.

Welsh Springer on Ramasaig beach

Tilly looking quizzical