Monthly Archives: May 2012

Larger work from smaller work

A new challenge … Trying to make a large painting from a tiny plein air sketch. The bigger version is blocked in and I’ve started to work into some areas. It’s reached an interesting (and scary) stage, so I thought I’d record it before carrying on.

a large painting in progress, with smaller work above

larger work (2'x3') below smaller work (6"x8")

After a delay during which I bought an easel big enough to actually hold the canvas (much better than propping it on a shelf and waiting for it to fall on my head) you can see I’ve worked into quite a few areas but there is plenty still to do. The sky will need lots of work, I’m beginning to realise. Well, it all will, really.

large canvas on easel

later, on the easel ...

Here is the canvas again after a bit more paint has been added:

large canvas on easel - a later view

a later view of the large canvas