Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cliff walk and fells of home

This painted drawing, even though it looks fairly carefully made, was created while sitting on the edge of a cliff during an arduous two-day walk. The mysterious Maidens, strange rock women, seem to move around in the background while the nearer cliffs loom. I think the composition should translate into a really dramatic large painting, in colour.

watercolour sketch of cliff walk view

cliffs and Maidens, watercolour on paper, 12x12 inches, crop

Another painting made on the same walk – not sure if it was the same day, but I remember the sun was shining as I sat by this burn that plummeted down to the sea.

watercolour painting of Dibidal gorge

Dibidal gorge, watercolour on paper, 12x12, crop

A small painted sketch of hills nearer home. Something in the pattern created by the field boundaries and the shapes of the hills is intriguing, and at least part of that pattern needs to become a larger picture, I think.

oil painting of hills and fields

hills and fields, oil on card